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Nuclear investments bring Toshiba to the brink of bankruptcy

toshiba-and-nukeToshiba May Go Bankrupt as Result of Nuclear Investments, The Green Optimistic

,February 23, 2017  It would appear that Toshiba has purchased a very complex radioactive black-hole that may bankrupt it.

The takeover of Webster & Stone by by Toshiba‘s subsidiary Westinghouse may go down in history as one of the worst investments ever made, and it all centers around nuclear power.

Turnbull and Trump – twins in their attitudes to environment

Turnbull,-Malcolm-B 288w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />Like Trump, Turnbull’s environmental WTFness is a propelling us to disaster, Independent Australia Sue Arnold 25 February 2017,    Like many Americans, Australians are wondering how the hell we ended up with a PM whose environment policies are a recipe for disaster

Oil companies to profit from oil-spill clean-ups under petroleum resource rent tax

It means the costs of cleaning up oil spills from exploration wells would be tax deductible, and could be held over and “uplifted” into future years at an annual rate of 17.5%……

whish-wilson-peter“The rules are written so if a company created an oil spill with their exploration rig, they could make a profit from it,” – Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson

“A standard tax deduction for an oil spill clean-up would be bad enough, but in this case the deduction grows in value every year. No other sector, no other set of businesses gets such ridiculous and costly deductions.”

Community Energy Congress Feb 27-28 highlights Denmark’s zero-carbon island

Local enthusiasm – in the New South Wales town of Armidale, or South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, for example – isn’t matched at the federal government level in Canberra.

federal-level support – through appropriate feed-in tariffs for renewable energy, and government incentives to adopt new technologies – is essential. “It is very important that the federal government gives it the right framework,”

 The Community Energy Congress takes place in Melbourne on 27 and 28 February.

Global battery storage industry to fight Australia home bans

 REneweconomy By  on 24 February 2017  The world’s biggest battery manufacturing brands and clean energy lobby groups have signalled they will fight proposed new guidelines and recommendations that could effectively ban battery storage units from inside homes and garages, saying the restrictions are over the top and don’t conform to international standards.

Standards Australia is believed to be preparing the release of new standards that would effectively force most battery storage units to be put in a free-standing and fireproof enclosure, possibly adding thousands of dollars to the cost of installation and making it uneconomic.

As a precursor to that move, Queensland workplace regulators unveiled new recommendations last week that suggested no battery storage units be installed inside homes and garage or adjoining sheds, and instead be put in separate enclosures.

The restriction appears to apply to all battery storage units, and not just lithium chemistries

Some in the industry have branded the suggestions as ridiculous…….

World-first digital energy marketplace for rooftop solar launched by Australian consortium

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The consortium is launching two pilot projects in the ACT and on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, each involving around 5,000 households. The projects are also being overseen by a reference group that includes the Australian Energy Market Operator, the Australian Energy Market Commission and Energy Consumers Australia.

No place for nuclear enthusiasts in South Australia’s Liberal Party

Edwards,-Sean-trash 138w, 360w" sizes="(max-width: 277px) 100vw, 277px" />Valdis Dūnis ,  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 24 Feb 17 

No room for nuclear spruikers in the Liberal party anymore, as two such people are fully out of the party now:

Vogtle operation dates rescheduled

Vogtle_3_equipment_hatch_Feb17_(Georgia_Pwr)-48Commercial operation dates for Vogtle units 3 and 4 have been put back to December 2019 and September 2020 respectively, Southern Company said on 22 February. These dates are six and three months later than previously expected.

UK's NuGen congratulates new Cumbrian MP

NuGeneration has congratulated Copeland by-election winner Trudy Harrison following last night's result in Whitehaven, as the company moves forward with plans to build a new nuclear power plant at Moorside. NuGen, which is the UK joint venture between Japan's Toshiba Corp and France's Engie, said it would work closely with the newly-elected British member of parliament as it "continues to build a robust business case" for the project.

FirstEnergy supports zero-emission credits for Ohio

Davis-Besse_(Fenoc-NRC)-48FirstEnergy Corporation is advocating for Ohio to pass legislation recognising the zero-emission benefits of nuclear power, while acknowledging that it does not expect to remain the long-term owner of the state's only operating nuclear power plants. The company has confirmed it will withdraw from the competitive electricity market.

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