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Baltic states may block electricity from Belarus’s unfinished Astravets nuclear plant

text-NoBelarusian Nuke Plant Could Face Baltic Blockade Lithuania seeks allies for plan to stop electricity generated by plant from entering European power market.  24 February 2017

The three Baltic states may be close to agreement on blocking electricity from Belarus’s unfinished Astravets nuclear plant from crossing their borders.

Lithuania has decided to prevent electricity from the plant from entering its market, and Estonia supports the policy, the Baltic Course reports.

Florida Supreme Court rejects nuclear expansion

judge-1 The Associated Press TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 24 Feb 17  The Florida Supreme Court is upholding a lower court ruling that ordered a massive nuclear plant expansion to be redone to meet environmental and other concerns.

Justices in a brief-one page order on Friday rejected an appeal filed by Florida Power & Light.

Last year, the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Miami reversed a 2014 decision by Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet to approve construction of two nuclear reactors by FPL at its Turkey Point plant near Homestead. The project, costing up to $18 billion, would add about 2,200 megawatts of electric power or enough to supply 750,000 homes.

Court case to save South Africa from nuclear-industry caused bankruptcy

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Victoria’s ground-breaking climate change bill passed into law on 24 February



Has Australia’s mainstream media not noticed this? And if so, why so?


False claims on Generation IV nuclear reactors made by Transatomic Power

text-cat-questionIt’s interesting the way that, for dubious nuclear enterprises, they like to put a young woman at the top. Is this to make the nuclear image look young and trendy? Or is it so they she can cop the flak when it all goes wrong?

Below – Leslie Dewan – CEO of Transatomic Power

Slovenian nuclear plant shuts down after water problem

Ljubljana (AFP) Feb 16, 2017

A 35-year old nuclear plant in Slovenia automatically shut down because of a water supply problem, its operator said Thursday, ruling out any radiation danger.

"The shutdown procedure was triggered because of anomalies in a valve regulating the water supply system," the Krsko nuclear plant said in a statement.

The incident comes three months after a shutdown for regular maintenance work.

'No risk' in Benin after truck with chemical for nuclear production crashes

Paris (AFP) Feb 14, 2017

The French nuclear group Areva said Tuesday a truck carrying a chemical used in the uranium fuel process had tipped over in Benin, but there was "no risk" of contamination.

The accident occurred in the West African country on Sunday near Dassa, about 200 kilometres (125 miles) north of the capital Cotonou.

The truck was carrying uranate, an oxide used in the process to make nuclear fuel.

Explosion at French nuclear plant, 'no radiation risk'

Caen, France (AFP) Feb 9, 2017

An explosion at a nuclear power plant on France's northwest coast on Thursday caused minor injuries, but the authorities said there was no risk of radiation.

The blast occurred in the engine room at the Flamanville plant, which lies 25 kilometres (15 miles) west of the port of Cherbourg and just across from the Channel Islands.

"It is a technical incident. It is not a nuclear accident,"

Three new uranium minerals from Utah

Houghton, MI (SPX) Feb 08, 2017

Leesite, leoszilardite and redcanyonite are three new uranyl minerals discovered growing on the walls of old uranium mines in southern Utah. An alumnus of Michigan Technological University found them.

"Have you ever seen the Hills Have Eyes? It's that kind of creepy, barren desert landscape," says Travis Olds '12, now a graduate student at Notre Dame studying uranyl mineral compounds. He a

Iran imports 149 tonnes of uranium from Russia: atomic chief

Tehran (AFP) Feb 6, 2017

Iran will receive the final part of a 149-tonne shipment of uranium from Russia as part of its nuclear deal with world powers, it was announced on Monday.

"The first shipment arrived on January 26 by plane and the last will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday," said Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation, according to Fars news agency.

Under the nuclear deal signed with world p

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